Sobik’s History

John and Beverley Sobik, Jr. decided it was time to bring some “fresh” to Orlando. Originally from upstate New York, they packed up their bags and moved to sunny Central  Florida. John felt with his culinary background and Beverley’s knack for customer service, that there was plenty of room for a little sub shop in downtown Orlando. The Sobik family mission was simple:

“Give the customers good food at a fair price.”

With a strong customer following for their tasty Steak and Cheese and Deli Subs, the lines began to form and people starting inquiring about expanding their sub concept, and the expansion of Sobik’s Subs began.

At Sobik’s Subs we use quality products, starting with our produce sliced every morning, our Deli meats and Cheeses are all sliced in- house to give you the freshest sub eating experience.

Did you know we have over 28 subs, Salads even spaghetti an old-time tradition?  We are famous for our Steak & Cheese topped with mushrooms, cooked onions and peppers, The “Big John”, one of our favorites, comes with slow-roasted Roast Beef, Genoa salami, Pepperoni, Hickory ham, and Smoked provolone cheese, and of course your favorite veggies! If you’re looking for something different, you will love our ‘Hot off the Press’ Selection. Grilled Cubans, Italian Beef Melts, Tampa Cubans and Honey Dijon Turkey Melts; all served on authentic Cuban bread and pressed to perfection!