Steak & Cheese

Sobik’s Famous Steak & Cheese

Ultimate Steak & Cheese

steakandcheeseOur Biggest & Best Steak & Cheese! Philly Steak loaded with Sautéed Onions, Green Peppers & Mushrooms and Swiss-American Cheese

Steak & Cheese

steakandcheese  Sobik’s own Philly Steak & Onions with Swiss-American Cheese.

Steak, Cheese & Mushrooms

steakmushroomscheeseonionsSobik’s own Philly Steak & Onions, topped with Sautéed Mushrooms and Swiss-American Cheese.

Steak & Cheese with Peppers

steakandcheeseSobik’s own Philly Steak, topped with Sautéed Onions & Bell Peppers.

Italian Steak & Cheese

italiancheesesteakSobik’s own Philly Steak, topped with Our Special Italian Sauce &
Parmesan & Provolone Cheese.

Steak & Cheese (No Onions)

Sobik’s own Philly Steak with Cheese, no onions

**Not Available in all locations